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While doing some online research, I came across a reference to Bonagura that dates back to the 13th century. In 1253, St. Claire wrote a letter to Blessed Agnes of Prague. This 4th letter was carried from Assisi to Blessed Agnes by 2 friars named Amato & Bonagura. The Latin text of this letter spells the name as Bonaguram and is translated into English as Bonaugura but the Italian translation has it as Bonagura, which seems closer to the Latin. So did we have an ancestor who knew St. Claire?


Luca Bonagura was born in Poggiomarino, Italy in 1872. His parents were Felice and Paulina Perillo. Luca married Anna Speranza in approx. 1894. He came to the US in 1899, working as a steward on the Trojan Prince to earn his passage across. His wife, Anna and the first of their children came to join him in NY in 1901.

Luca and Anna had 7 children:
Felice (Felix or Phil) b. 1895, Michele (my grandfather, Michael) b.1897, Giuseppe (Joseph) b. 1899, Anthony b. 1902, Pauline b. 1904, Rose b. 1906, and Arthur b. 1908


Francesca Patti was born aproximately around 1858. She came to the US in November 1919 on the SS Dante Alighieri departing from Naples. Her parents were Diego Maltese and Maria Signorelli. She was married in Italy to Orazio Patti who died in Italy around 1911.

Francesca and Orazio (to the best of my knowledge) had 7 children: Mario b. 1883 (my grandfather), Sam b. abt. 1892, Bartolo b. abt. 1893, Maria (Mary) b. abt. 1900, Giovanna (Jennie) b. abt. 1881, Diego b. abt. 1886, and Adeline b. abt. 1903. There may have been another son named Giuseppe.


Alfio Privitera was the child of Domenica Bargallo and Francesco Privitera. He was born in Italy on Feb. 11, 1859. He married Maria Zappala. Alfio arrived in the US on August 1903, arriving on the SS Nord-America from Naples. His wife and children arrived on the SS Hamburg from Naples, November 1905.

Alfio and Maria had 10 children: Santina (my grandmother) b. 1895, Maria (Mary) b. 1902, Stella b. 1897, Concetta b. 1886, Agata (Agatha) b. 1892, Giuseppe (Joseph) b. 1893, Francesco (Frank) b. 1887, Grazia (Grace) b. 1889, Domenica b. 1883 and Rosa b. 1884.


The DeMarco family originally spelled their name DiMarco. Some time after arriving in the US, it was changed to DeMarco. Salvatore DiMarco was born in Marianopoli, Sicily, Italy in 1856. His parents were Pasquale DiMarco and Marianna Falzone. He came to the US on the SS Aurdiria from Palermo Feb. 1904. His wife, Frances Cutaia and his children came to the US a few months later, July 1904 on the SS Prinz Oscar from Palermo.

Salvatore and Frances had 4 children: Mariana (Marion) b. 1894, Pasquale (Pat) b. 1896, Maria (Marie/Mary) b. 1899, and Angelina (Angie) b. 1901.

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